Welcome to the Anthropology Section,
New York Academy of Sciences

Since 1877, the Anthropology Section of the New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS) has served as a meeting place for scholars from across the four fields in the Greater New York area. We strive to be a progressive voice within the anthropological community and to contribute innovative perspectives on the human condition nationally and internationally. Learn more.

Programming 2020-2021 / Reimagining Resilience: Engagement, Estrangement, And The Politics Of Choice

The 2020-2021 programming features scholars engaging with themes of reimagining resilience, including topics of recovery, marginalization, political consciousness, representation, and estrangement. The programming includes lectures, interactive workshops, and exhibitions allowing us to focus on how anthropological research and knowledge can contribute to helping resolve these salient and pressing sociopolitical issues. Join us.

April 2021
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Project / Oral History Archive

The NYAS Anthropology Section is conducting an oral history and archives development project with its current and former members, led by the current Executive Committee in collaboration with oral historian and current Graduate Center student and Oral History Fellow, Miriam Laytner. We aim to document the Section’s long commitment to public anthropology as well as the social life and history of the Section. We welcome any current or former members who wish to participate in an interview or donate materials to the archive. Listen here.